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What is a Trust Protector?
Recently one of my elderly clients requested that I become a trust protector, but in my experience, a CPA may serve as a trustee, co-trustee, or successor trustee, but not a trust protector. I assign that responsibility to the attorney.
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2015 Filing Deadlines
Just when you got used to filing your taxes on time, the IRS changes the due dates Partnerships Due March 15th "S" Corporations Due March 15th "C" Corporations Due April 15th Individuals Due April 15th FBAR Due April 15th

You may have come to a phase in your life where the services you need are beyond that of an ordinary CPA. With over 35-years of experience, I've served clients at every stage of life's journey. I've shared with many families their joys and pains, economic downturns, and the effects of aging. In other words, building a relationship. Doing so requires a devotion to patience and sympathy, and an ethical and fiduciary responsibility as though I stood in their position. There are basically four phases in life where a Trusted CPA Advisor and life planner is called upon to serve.

You may find yourself at this moment in your life working and accumulating assets to enjoy a particular lifestyle and preparing for retirement. You may be entering retirement and concerned with how to maintain a reasonable standard-of-living while preserving principal. Or you may find that your body or mind, or both, are beginning to fail you, and you and your family need help. Unfortunately, all must face the end-of-life and transfer, according to our will, our life's remaining treasures to heirs and descendants, continuing care for those with special needs, and benevolent causes.

I've outlined these four life phases and have developed a series of documents to help you understand the issues with each of them. Sinmply click on the image and learn more. There is no obligation or fee for us to discuss your partiuclar needs. When you are ready, let's build a relationship.



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